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Getting In Wedding Shape – Your 90-Day Wedding Fitness Plan to Rock Your Dress on Your Big Day

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Getting In Wedding Shape – Your 90-Day Wedding Fitness Plan to Rock Your Dress on Your Big Day

Studies estimate that nearly three-quarters of brides-to-be want to lose weight before getting married. But we don’t need surveys or statistics to know that brides want to look their best at the wedding venue on their big day. That’s why this 90-day wedding fitness plan is just what you need to rock your dress when the wedding day arrives.

How to Drop Pre-Wedding Weight Quickly

Even if you had good intentions and wanted to start getting more fit during your engagement, ninety days is plenty of time to see a change in fitness. However, it will take some work! Here are the top areas you should focus on ASAP to get you in the best shape of your new marriage.

Cut Out Junk Food

While most dieters concentrate on cutting calories to see weight loss results, studies have shown that’s not enough. In fact, one study found that people who ate more healthy and whole foods lost more weight over the course of a year than those who counted calories.

In fact, people who focused on vegetables and other whole foods were able to eat larger serving sizes of those foods without gaining weight back. While keeping a relatively low calorie intake can help you lose weight, trading junk food for healthier options is more effective than limiting calories alone.

At the same time, trading packaged foods for natural ones usually reduces calorie intake. That’s because whole foods keep you feeling full longer. In the calorie study, people who chose foods like brown rice over white, whole grain bread over white, and low-fat dairy instead of soft drinks fared better when it came time to check weight loss results.

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That said, you can still indulge in the occasional treat if you don’t make it a bad habit. Plus, if you focus on healthier whole foods, you probably won’t crave junk food as often anyway. The key is not to starve yourself, but to cut calories in the healthiest way possible.

Not only is eating whole foods good for your body, but changing the way you approach food can help you maintain weight loss long-term, and not just until you say “I do.”

Drink More Water

Our bodies are mostly water anyway, so drinking plenty of H20 is always a smart choice. But drinking more water can also help with weight loss. Apart from the fact that you’re avoiding sodas or other beverages in favor of water, drinking water saves you calories in other ways.

Studies on the benefits of drinking water suggest that the beverage can:

  • Increase the number of calories you burn (resting energy expenditure)
  • Help you lose more weight without extra exercise
  • Reduce your appetite if you drink water before eating

Healthline suggests drinking cold water, as your body uses more calories to “warm up” the water as it goes through your body. Ultimately, while there are plenty of recommendations on just how much water you should drink, experts recommend between one and two liters per day.

Overall, however, if you replace other beverages with water and drink to thirst, you’ll be that much closer to your weight loss goals already.

Get Moving

Hopefully, you’re already somewhat active since it’s good for you, but if not, now is the time to get moving. Whatever your favorite exercise, some activity is better than none. But for getting in wedding shape in 90 days, the key is in the cardio.

The largest study to date on cardiovascular exercise versus weight lifting concluded that aerobic exercise is better for weight loss. Over the course of eight months, participants in the study who did cardio lost an average of four pounds. Weightlifters gained an average of two pounds, and while you could attribute that to lean muscle gains, those people didn’t lose any fat, either.

A third group, the cardio plus resistance segment, confirmed what we already assumed about working out: that cardio plus strength training offers the best results. The study highlighted that although the cardio-plus-resistance group spent more time in the gym (twice as much, in fact), they also improved their body composition overall. In addition to losing fat, they also gained lean mass.

Therefore, if you want to drop weight quickly and look amazing in your wedding dress, the key is a combination of cardio and resistance training. Still, starting with cardio will likely garner the quickest results. Plus, bulking up isn’t always ideal months before your wedding, especially if you’re hoping to fit a smaller size dress.

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Quick-Fix Methods for Losing Wedding Weight

Although concentrating on healthy eating and regular workouts will do wonders for your bridal bod, there are other ways to drop weight fast. If you have just a few pounds to lose, you may reach your goal with one of these simple methods.

Short-Term Fasting for Fat Loss

Although there’s been plenty of controversy over fasting, a review of 40 studies found that fasting is effective for weight loss. However, the studies tracked different types of fasting methods and their results, making it difficult to decide what method to follow.

In general, there are three methods of fasting. Alternate-day fasting involves eating normally on alternating days, while on the remaining days you fast or consume fewer calories than normal. Whole-day fasting is one or two days of the week spent fasting while the rest are non-restricted days. The third method of fasting is time-restricted, where you would follow a meal plan and not eat outside of set times.

Although results can vary, many people experience immediate weight loss with fasting. However, you do need to focus on staying hydrated while fasting. You may also want to avoid strenuous physical activity on the days that you’re fasting.

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Juicing as a Whole-Foods Fast

Juicing is another controversial means of losing weight fast, but plenty of research shows there are benefits involved with juicing. In fact, one study found that people who followed a 3-day juice fast not only lost weight but also showed signs of increased cardiovascular health.

There are plenty of stories online from people who discovered juicing and became healthier through weight loss and better nutrition. And in terms of dropping weight to fit in your wedding gown and look fabulous, you can’t go wrong with the nutrients in fresh fruits and veggies.

Keeping Fit for Wedding Week

Hopefully, you’ve spent most of the last 90 days eating healthier food, drinking plenty of water, and working out moderately every day. But the week of the wedding is crunch time, and you’re probably feeling more stressed than ever. However, this is not the time to panic. Your hard work will soon pay off, so keep these points in mind as your wedding date looms closer.

Keep Moving (But Slow It Down)

You might be tempted to ramp up your workouts in the week leading up to your wedding. But wiping yourself out with additional exercise will only sap your energy. Focus on your nutrition, getting enough water, and some light exercise so that you can stay awake for all the last-minute fittings, errands, and prep work.

Keep Toning

It’s not necessary to do push-ups moments before you walk down the aisle but keeping up with your toning exercises can help you look your best in that off-the-shoulder gown. Most brides’ top concern is how their arms look in a strapless dress, and if that’s your problem area, feel free to keep up the upper body exercises. Just don’t overdo it to the point that you can’t lift your champagne glass for a toast!

Don’t Deprive Yourself

You definitely don’t want to go into your wedding cranky and hungry. That may mean small treats or more calories than usual in the few days before the event. But you don’t want to starve yourself and then binge on appetizers and wedding cake. At the same time, eating fast food for every meal out of convenience is also not ideal.

In general, if you hope to keep the weight off, deprivation is a recipe for failure. Once the event is over, you might overindulge during your honeymoon and beyond, and the pounds will pile back on as quickly as you lost them- if not faster.

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Keep Tabs on How You Feel

If you are overworking your body, you may feel fatigued or sore. Those are not good symptoms leading up to the biggest event in your life. At best, you’ll feel cranky and hungry throughout your wedding, At worst, you could faint or have other health issues from lack of nutrition.

It’s understandable for brides to go to extremes to look amazing on their wedding day. But it’s helpful to keep in mind that your groom-to-be proposed to you as you are, not how he imagines you’ll look ten pounds lighter. Your health and wellbeing are more important than a number on a scale, and risking your health isn’t a good look no matter how cute that strapless gown is.